The Chiloé Archipelago,consists of several islands lying off the coast of Chile. It is separated from mainland Chile by Chacao Channel in the north, the Sea of Chiloé in the east and Gulf of Corcovado to the southeast. All of the archipelago—except Desertores Islands, which are part of Palena Province—forms the province of Chiloé. The main island is Chiloé Island (Isla Grande de Chiloé).

Chiloé is from the Mapuche word chillwe, meaning “seagull place”. Chill or chülle refers to the Brown-hooded Gull, and the –we suffix means ‘place’. The adjective and demonym for this region is chilote in the masculine and chilota in the feminine.

Chiloé is widely known for its distinctive folklore, mythologycuisine and unique architecture. The variety of potato which is most widely grown throughout the world is indigenous to the islands.



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